JavaScript Engineer

Chalandri, Greece · The Web expand job description ↓


It's all about the web, latest standards and the people behind.


Let's forget requirements for a while. We're interested in and already:

  • working in ES2015+
  • using flux architectures (with react, inferno etc)
  • extending urban styles (from scss to styled-components to emotion)
  • having functional and reactive mindset (ramda, sanctuary, collectable)
  • painting some canvases (createjs, phazer)
  • writing apps with demanding requirements (yes.. beyond todos)
  • love the f*cking web (service workers, wasm, webgl)
    • even when it runs in our phones (offline first, web push notifications)
  • having some fun with react-native and universal frontends

If you love that stuff and you'd like to evolve with us lets have a talk! If you're working on other architectures such as MVC and want to change we've been there as well. We don't necessarily seek for uber-epic-level-experienced-hackers in any of the above. We just look for fellow believers. The rest will happen through the team.


  1. see above ^^
  2. get some days remote
  3. private health insurance
  4. competitive salary
  5. batteries included

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